Keynote speakers

Michele Wucker, Author of The Gray Rhino

Session title: The Gray Rhino; How to Recognize and Act on the Obvious Dangers We Ignore
Michele  Wucker is  the  author  of  The  Gray  Rhino:  How  to  Recognize  and  Respond  to  the  Obvious  Dangers We Ignore (St Martin’s Press, April 2016). She brings three decades of experience as a policy analyst, financial journalist and think tank executive to her distinctive and accessible style of thought leadership, combining highly original thinking with incisive analysis. Read more

Tim Astley, Regional Practice Leader, Europe - Strategic Risk & Business Resilience, Zurich Insurance

Session title: Global Economic Risk Report; Considering long term political, socio economic & technical changes and their impact on business
Tim has responsibility for delivering business resilience-related services to Zurich clients through a team of specialist consultants across Europe. Areas of interest and activity include corporate governance, risk appetite, risk communication, business resilience, business interruption, business continuity management and supply chain risk management. He has written and presented extensively on these topics and has links with associated academic, industry and standards bodies.  Read more

Prof. Lewis Dartnell, Astrobiology Research Fellow at University of Westminster

Session title: The Knowledge: How to Rebuild our World from Scratch
Dr. Lewis Dartnell is a UK Space Agency research fellow at the University of Westminster. He also holds an STFC Science in Society Fellowship, and alongside his astrobiology research writes regular science articles in newspapers and magazines, and has appeared in TV shows such as BBC Horizon, Wonders of the Universe, and documentaries on National Geographic, Discovery and History channels. ‘The Knowledge: How to Rebuild our World from Scratch’ is his third book. Read more

Jim Montgomery, Deputy Chief, City of Ottawa Office of Emergency Management

Session title: A Case of Cooperation, Collaboration and Communication
Jim Montgomery is responsible for the implementation of a comprehensive and integrated hazard emergency management program across the five components of emergency management; prevention, mitigation, preparedness, response and recovery.

He previously served 31years with the Ottawa Police Service; within the Emergency Operations Directorate: 5 years as the Emergency Management Program Coordinator, 20 years as Tactical and Explosives Unit Coordinator and 6 years on General Patrol. Read more

Michael Balboni, President and Managing Director, Redland Strategies Inc., Executive Director of Greater New York Health Care Facilities Association

Session title: "Excuse me, but CNN is on the phone about the explosion...." Who's going to protect your brand?
Former New York State Senator and Deputy Secretary of Public Safety under two New York State Governors, Michael Balboni is the President and Managing Director of RedLand Strategies, Inc., a consulting firm that provides the expertise, experience and contacts necessary to help companies and government agencies position themselves to get through a crisis, improve business performance, and maximize growth.  Read more

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